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[link this site?] Welcome to Dynamite, the approved and recognized anime fanlisting for the mecha anime series Macross 7. This page is owned by Shi and part of her collective, The Honor & Blood Network.

Show your love for this one-of-a-kind animated series by joining us. Use the image links found above to navigate and make sure you have read the rules before submitting your membership info.

Dynamite has been online since 10 July 2017. Site name was derived from one of my most-loved Macross 7/Fire Bomber songs, Dynamite Explosion. I believe that the series could very much be likened to a dynamite--with explosive, awe-inspiring characters, music and storyline. Thank you for visiting.


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Site Changes
º 10 Jul 2017 // Dynamite is opened for Macross 7 fans to join!

If you are interested in being an affiliate, simply contact Shi about it.