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Dynamite is the fanlisting for the mecha anime series Macross 7. By the term "mecha" we mean that machines, that is, robots, play a dominant, influential role in the plot/story.


Macross 7 is the sequel of the original Macross series, more commonly known in the United States and other Western countries as Robotech. This new series is set about 35 years following the original Macross.

In the year 2045, Max Jenius leads the security forces of the colony city/ship Macross 7 while his wife Milla serves as the colony's mayor. In spite of their separation, they try to keep the ship running smoothly, all the while hiding the truth from its citizens. The youngest of their seven [7] children, 14-year-old Mylene Flare, is so greatly hurt by her parents' break-up that she ends up joining the rock band Fire Bomber as co-vocalist and bassist. Mylene's bandmates are an interesting bunch: pilot Nekki Basara, lead vocalist and guitarist; Ray Lovelock, band leader and keyboardist; and Veffidas Feaze, drummer.

What follows is an exciting, memorable saga that emphasizes the power of belief, dreams and music. Mylene and Nekki use Song Energy, which is harnessed from their voices using the converter unit Sound Force, to defend Macross 7 from and fight against the Protodeviln, a race of power-hungry alien invaders.

Macross 7 is primarily an animated television series consisting of 49 episodes, followed by an OAV [Original Anime Video] entitled Macross 7 Dynamite and the movie The Galaxy is Calling Me. There are also a number of drama albums and soundtracks, as well as unaired episodes.

Visit the The Macross Compendium for comprehensive information on the entire Macross/Robotech saga and its various incarnations.

Power to the Dream, and long live Macross!


The current layout features the pilot and Fire Bomber lead vocalist and guitarist Nekki Basara, the character whose dynamic and charismatic personality forms the heart and soul of the equally explosive Macross 7 series.

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